Intra-Uterin Insemination (IUI) (Injection)

Semen samples are washed and the best active sperms are chosen then injected into the uterus. The attribution of this method is choosing the best active sperms, eliminating the acidic environment which is harmful to the sperm, delivering the sperm to a closer range of the egg and giving a chance for the sperms to reach the fallopian tubes of the woman.

For man infertility cases medication therapy or operation success rate is only 10-15%, when medication therapy fails, mans sperm is prepared under special conditions and is dropped into the woman’s uterus with the help of a cannula, this method has a low pregnancy rate. In the insemination method the distance that the sperm must travel is shortened, the non active and deformed sperms are prevented from being injected. 

Fresh sperm samples are used for the insemination process. Insemination procedure; it is primarily preferred when sperms have minor deformations (number, activity, shape) and for unidentified infertility cases. After giving medication for 1 to 3 weeks that improves the egg an HCG is performed in order to trigger ovulation. Once after 1.5 days of the injection or 1st and 3rd day after the injection the procedure is repeated. If no success is obtained from these procedures further treatment methods are followed through.